Fast Track curriculum and expand minds

A modern medium for exacting educational standards

This is a fully interactive and integrative technology offering that provides learning or presenting capabilities
of the highest calibre, depending on your needs.

Solar Classroom Projects

We integrate these solutions throughout our Solar Classroom projects and they function magnificently when connected to a tablet or LAN network and E-Learning solutions. The joy of this module is that we can deploy the e-learning content in any building or hardware platform to improve the quality of your education.

Existing school, boardroom or site office

This means Kutenga Technology has the capability to further enhance any existing school, boardroom or site office with state of the art and up to date technology and information. Do you want to be part of the solution? This is your chance. We will offer multiple online technologies to match your exact and specific requirements.

  • Our educational framework

    Imagine the difference online software would make when combined with a rural Solar Classroom?

    Our educational framework is the ultimate in classroom technology sophistication. This can easily be described as an online toolbox to furthering education standards in South Africa. The toolbox is specifically designed in line with South African teaching standards, making it the perfect tool to upgrade education levels throughout the country. Making a difference? You bet!

    Licensing agreements with Kutenga Technology allows your school or education department direct access to online content including:

    • Reference apps.
    • Brain Games.
    • Health and lifestyle apps.
    • Full range of workbooks and guides.
    • Language apps.
    • Maths apps.
    • News apps.
    • Maps.

    Kutenga Technology will not only improve the quality of education but we also have the technology to support this initiative with Hardware and Software to offer seamless transition into a new era of education.

    Call Kutenga Technology today to get a quote: +27 11 326 1293 or email sales@kutenga.co.za

  • Prowise Presenter - Bring education to life!

    Bringing education to life not only makes teaching more rewarding, it also makes it more effective.

    Prowise Presenter is an online software solution that can be used on any interactive digital screen, so it will fit perfectly into your existing facilities. This means students retain more information, interact more and ultimately flourish faster with exceptional knowledge retention. Is this a gift you would love to give?

    This software solution is not only for the classroom. Prowise Presenter can be used to create world-class presentations in seconds, but also its interactivity allows for collaborative work on special projects. Imagine what this could mean to your business or the classroom. With Prowise Presenter you can:

    • Add video, animation, images and text.
    • Save presentations for sharing or future use.
    • Share/Import/borrow from existing presentations.

    Of course, Kutenga Technology also has the solution to match your Prowise Presenter software to your choice of Prowise Screen and Prowise Lift System. Using ProConnect you can wirelessly interact via connected tablets, smartphones or laptops.

    Call Kutenga Technology today to get a quote: +27 11 326 1293 or email sales@kutenga.co.za

  • ProConnect - Interactivity between devices

    Wish to interact between any presentation using your smartphone, tablet or laptop?

    This is exactly what ProConnect brings to the party. With this solution the possibilities are endless…

    In a classroom environment you can make you Prowise Presenter slides individually interactive.Children advancing with technology at their own pace is a teachers dream come true.

    In the boardroom your team has real time access to your presentation via their own personal devices. Truly collaborative thinking.

    We offer ProConnect technology in all our Solar Classroom and E-Learning solutions but this technology is also available to you using your current interactive interface. Simply get a quote from Kutenga Technology today and start blooming.

    ProConnect offers five incredible features:

    • Exchange information between the Screen and Tablet.
    • Voting option for immediate and unbiased feedback .
    • Competitions for educational learning vs. peers.
    • Collaborations between individuals for creative thinking.
    • Quizzes to challenge the existing knowledge base.

    The joy is that if you are using ProConnect with any Kutenga Technology Prowise Screens then this technology is 100% free. Simply connect to the Internet and GO!

    Call Kutenga Technology today to get a quote: +27 11 326 1293 or email sales@kutenga.co.za