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There are no excuses, we offer solutions

Just add Kutenga Technology! It is that simple. If your corporate responsibility solution is to offer education solutions then we are the perfect partners to help you. Kutenga Technology has the expertise to advise on the best solution to not only meet your needs but to fit those of the community in which you choose to bless.

A complete technology solution

We will help you to configure a fully sustainable, environmentally friendly and self-sufficient Solar Classroom to match your exacting specifications. These solutions can be as simple as a solar powered educational space to a fully integrated IT solution. The choice is yours.

Solar Classroom Brochure

Choose your configuration

We at Kutenga Technology build and maintain bespoke Solar Classrooms but find it easier to offer three starting offers and mould the solution from there. This we find helps streamline the decision making process. Three main options are available.

Solar Classroom Options

Configuration Options

  • The Modular Cabin Solar Classroom

    Ideal for rural and disaster areas, or where space is limited due to existing buildings.

    This option starts with a 20-foot fully customizable cabin.

    • Self-sustaining unit, using several 250 watt solar panels to charge a hybrid generator.
    • Generator powers the complete unit including an air-conditioning unit, lighting and charging bays.
    • Incudes a 42” Prowise Screen complete with E-Learning and 15 Nexa Tablets (16GB).

    Kutenga Technology even takes care of furniture installation. You simply need to set the specifications and walk into your Solar Classroom, mobile office or disaster centre.

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  • Existing Structure Configuration (ESC)

    Do you have an existing building or classroom?

    Where we have the availability of an existing building Kutenga Technology can offer comprehensive sustainable support by way of 250 watt solar panels charging a Hybrid Generator.

    This makes our ESC solution fully sustainable and self-sufficient in areas off the grid or in remote locations.

    Without the need for the full 20ft cabin this package offers a more cost-effective solution to those wishing to make a difference where there is an existing building.

    • Solar charged generator that powers all lights, air-conditioning and charging bays.
    • Starting functionality point is a 42” Prowise Screen complete with E-Learning Content and 15 Nexa Tablets.
    • All furniture is supplied by Kutenga Technology.

    When you arrive on site, you simply need to cut the ribbon, open the doors and celebrate this fully functioning interactive learning or support centre.

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  • Project Office

    The perfect solution for an on-site project Office, Clinic or Disaster Management Centre.

    The additional joy of this framework is that after completion of the project, the structure can be turned into a fully sustainable Solar Classroom.

    This solution is designed to offer complete and immediate assistance when and where it is needed most. The 20-foot modular cabin and multiple solar panels provide the building blocks, and allow full customisation thereafter. Perfect for you, in every scenario.

    • Solar Power is created via 250-watt solar panels and is stored in a battery system.
    • This will power the equipment in an office, click or disaster centre, and is fully self sustaining.
    • Power also makes provision for lights and air-conditioning.

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